What's On Next?

  • 26 Feb: 09.30 Meet & Eat - NEET
  • 26 Feb: 12.00 Painting With Oils - Northcliffe Church, Birklands Room
  • 26 Feb: 13.00 KC Afternoon Film - Northcliffe Church, Birklands Room
The Kirkgate Centre is a busy community and social action centre serving Shipley.
Our aim is to improve the quality of life for all our local community.
We do this through:

We welcome every member of our community: we value diversity, and we are committed to equality.

  • Directly supporting those most vulnerable and in need

We work with integrity, kindness and humility, acknowledging and embracing the ideas, skills and needs of individuals, groups and our wider community.

  • Developing the confidence and skills in our community to challenge what we don’t like and create more of what we do

We strengthen our community capacity by building positive relationships with organisations, businesses, groups and individuals who share our values.

  • Encouraging and supporting our community to identify and address its priorities

We bring enthusiasm, inspirtation and energy, we are curious and open to all possibilities.

  • Strengthening our sense of community


We are a registered charity and a registered company.