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What’s on?

A community centre and development trust providing space, support and resources to our local community in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

Office hours
The centre is open for community use every day and evening, including weekends.
The office is staffed between 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate

West Yorkshire
BD18 3EH
Tel: 01274 580186
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Get involved…
Kirgate Centre

Volunteer at the Kirkgate Centre.

Volunteers are the life blood of our centre and deliver most of the activities:

• Many volunteers run their own independent groups within the centre.
• Volunteers ensure that the centre will always be here and will always be affordable.
Current volunteering opportunities include:
• office and reception - helping to run the centre
• volunteer centre assistants - working with the Centre Assistant on looking after the building and helping groups
• community café - running a high quality café which in turn funds many other activities
• supporting older people - working with the staff team to ensure older people have a great time at the centre
• Shipley Alternative - helping to set up and run our new indy marketplace
• Live @ Kirkgate - transforming the centre into a live music venue
• ICT and social media - helping the Centre enter the 21st Century with computers, websites and social media
Also have a look at the list of groups using the centre - many of the user groups are also looking for new members.

Become a trustee
As a charity, the centre is governed by a group of volunteer trustees.
• Our trustees are elected by and from our membership every year.
• Trustees are local people in full control of the centre.
• Trustees make sure we are focussed on what matters.
• Trustees make sure we are run well and Shipley has the centre it deserves.

Sponge Tree Saplings


An evening meeting about ten times a year.

As a charity, the centre is governed by a group of volunteer trustees.
Anyone interested in becoming a trustee can come along to some meetings and see what the role involves. Trustees are then formally elected by and our membership once a year.

Trustees are local people who oversee the running of the centre, making sure our work remains focussed on what matters to our local community. Trustees are crucial in ensuring Shipley has the centre it deserves.

Trustees discuss and make decisions on a whole range of issues, including:

  • our annual budget
  • future funding
  • medium and local term planning
  • the development of our building
  • staffing

Trustees are registered with the Charities Commission and Companies House.

To find out more, please contact Paul at the Kirkgate Centre on 01274 580186, or by email.